Oil Portraits

My mission as a portrait painter is to capture the true nature and expressive qualities of my subjects. I am able to do this through a process which involves taking photographs, and creating drawings as well as oil studies. This provides material for me to show my client.  Together we then decide upon a specific moment, expression, lighting and composition which will be transformed into a timeless treasure.

The moments we celebrate with our beloved spouses, children, friends and family members should be captured and expressed in a meaningful way.  An original oil painting is an opportunity to record these moments in our lives. The human spirit lives in painting. The facial expressions of the subjects are very much alive as are the brush strokes created by the artist’s hand. The component in all of my paintings (which is absent from photographs) is the filtration of human emotion and this is the driving reason why I love to paint portraits.

artwork-for-portfolio-008“Gypsy Dreamer” 11×14 Oil on Wood

“Emily” 11 x 14, oil on wood
“A Portrait of Jim Wentzel” 11 x 14, oil on wood


“Passages” 15 x 20, oil on wood

“Passages” (detail)
“Passages” (detail)
Judge Robert Mellon
“Judge Robert Mellon”, 24 x 30, oil on wood
Robert Mellon
“Judge Robert Mellon” (detail)
Robert Mellon
“Judge Robert Mellon” (detail)
“Rebecca”, oil on wood (12 x 16 inches)
“Horse & Rider”, oil on wood (9 x 12 inches)
“Horse & Rider” (detail)

For more information please see my pricing page or give me a call (609) 203-6270 or email http://www.riverafinearts@gmail.com.



In late October I asked my daughters for some photos of their children. I gave the photos to David to complete a portrait sketch of each child. At Christmas – when they opened the framed sketches – there wasn’t a dry eye in the room. My daughters said ‘it’s the best gift I ever received’. The sketches are now prominently displayed in their homes. David is a hidden gem of an artist. His attention to detail is without equal.”                                               – Jim Wentzel

“Over these many years, I have been a collector and avid admirer of David’s work. Not only is he a tremendous talent, he is also a deep thinker and philosopher. It seems David is on an endless quest to learn, improve and cultivate his art in a vision of cosmic scope, dimension and ambition. I truly believe owning his work is an investment for your mind and your spirit.”                                                            – G Husth

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