Oil Still Life’s

The paintings on this page are a combination of commissions and personal visions/ideas. Creating a facsimile of intricate textures and surfaces has always been of particular interest to me, especially when rendering small objects. I enjoy the intimacy of objects which are no larger than something which could fit into someone’s palm.

Each still life painting undergoes a very involved process which begins with a careful compositional drawing. Often I will do half a dozen renditions or so to see which arrangement and lighting best suits the subject. I then work out a tonal study in paint to ensure the value emphasis is well thought out. This is what also accentuates the solidity of form and gives each object a three dimensional appearance. Color is the next addition. Through opaque, semi-opaque and translucent glazes I am able to achieve a luminosity of color which glows from within the painting. Each step in the process allows me to express, with heightened clarity, a realism which transcends the picture plane.

I specialize in subjects of food, musical instruments, floral arrangements and nautical objects. I also enjoy combining objects that don’t necessarily follow a traditional theme. The goal is always to express a visually stimulating array of shapes and textures (often with objects that contrast one another).

A still life can tell a very specific story about a persons interests, hobbies or life experiences. I love being able to help my clients tell their story by bringing to life their treasured possessions in a finely crafted oil painting.

“Absence of Tide” Oil on wood.
“Absence of Tide” (detail)
“Morning Solitude” 7×15 oil on wood
“Savory Pleasures” 15×15 Oil on wood
“Conquest of a Lost Melody” 8×10 Oil on Wood

“Seasons Catch” 11×14 Oil on Wood

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