Pet Portraits

We love our pets. They are members of our family. They are our best friends. Our love for them is unconditional, and they return that love to us tenfold. What better way can we appreciate our beloved companions than to have their spirit portrayed in an original drawing or painting?  If you’d like me to create a portrait of your loyal companion in any medium, please contact me at 609-203-6270, or email

“During the Hunt” 9×12 Pencil on Paper
“Gus” 11×14, oil on wood
“Zoey” 11×14, charcoal & white chalk on gray paper
“Sophie” 11 x 14, pencil on paper
“Olly” 11 x 14, pastel on toned paper
“Molly” 16 x 20, Charcoal & Pastel on Black Paper
“Sugar” 6 x7, Charcoal & White Chalk on Toned Paper

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