The Commission Process

I strive for the absolute highest level of customer satisfaction with each and every commission that I accept. In order to ensure this level of satisfaction, I keep my clients very involved in my process. This means that we collaborate to determine the style, composition, lighting and colors that will best suit the subject. Only after these things are determined do I begin the final work of art.  Once I begin the final piece, I send my client photographic updates at various stages so that they can watch the work progress and be as involved in the process as they wish.

The goal of our initial meeting/dialogue is to ascertain what you would like for me to capture in the commissioned work.  The specifics of the piece (dimensions, medium, additional props, clothing, background setting, etc.) can be worked out once we know what story is being conveyed.

Unless working off of a photo which you provide, I will schedule a second meeting during which I will take a number of photos to use as references for the artwork.  At this time, any props, attire, etc., should be included in the shoot. After we examine the photos together and decide upon the specifics, a contract will be issued outlining our agreement. At this point a security deposit of 30% of the overall cost is made by the client. If necessary, I will on occasion schedule a second photo shoot to gather more reference details.

I then proceed to create a compositional study, usually in pencil or charcoal, for my client to approve prior to executing the final work. If any significant changes are desired, I would need to know at this stage. Once the study is approved, I begin the final painting or drawing.

Throughout the development of the artwork, I will continue to send my client photo updates, or arrange a meeting to have them view the work in person. Typically I will do this about three times throughout the process, (approximately at every quarter) although the client may request to see it more often if they wish. This again, ensures that my client is 100% satisfied with the progress. Once I am about halfway finished, I will ask for another 30% of the overall cost and then the remaining balance will be paid upon completion.

For each painting that I complete, I will apply an archival varnish which will preserve the paintings true colors and protect it from direct sunlight, allowing you, your family and future generations to enjoy it for centuries to come. In addition to varnishing the work I am happy to assist you with selecting a frame (I don’t provide the frames) which will compliment the painting or drawing as well as the wall and furniture in the room where it will hang.

Below are some examples of customized portraits paired with the photo references in each medium. The benefit of a portrait drawing or painting is the personalization of each part from the specific color choices, to the background setting, to the refinement of each detail.



“Horse & Rider”, Oil Painting on Wood



“Rosemarie”, Pastel on Paper


Simply send me an email, or give me a call, 609-203-6270 so that we can discuss your idea.

Some key questions to ask yourself are:

What story do I want to tell?

What medium would be most appropriate for the work – a drawing, pastel or oil?

What size would I like the work to be? Is the size realistic for the space where the work will eventually hang?

Would I like the work to be done in black & white, partial color or full color?

If painting a portrait, would I like to include any extra props or specific attire? Would I like more than one person in the painting?

These questions are simply a starting point. I’d be more than happy to help guide you in these decisions if you’d like. My mission is to take your idea and transform it into a visually stimulating masterpiece which will be treasured by you and your family for many years to come.

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