Still Life: Mixed Mediums on Paper

Imagery has the power to remind us of past events or moments in our lives that have become buried in our subconscious mind. I enjoy the process of reawakening these memories by creating highly vivid replications of small objects which hold a thread to our childhood. My latest series of works on paper explores foods, pasteries and various treats. The intensified labyrinth of detail that I create in each study is a true labor of love. In rendering my subjects I am defining a verisimilitude which exists in a design that contains elements of abstraction. By pairing my objects against a solid colored background, I am consciously creating a flatness of space. An example of this can be seen in “Midnight Snack” in my gallery below. The “flatness” exists In direct opposition to the cookie which is an intricate (almost microscopic) network of crevices, nooks, crannies, shadows, etc. This pairing of the flat against the dimensional increases the illusion of trompe l’oeil.

The works on this page are all quite small (approximately the size of the actual object). I’ve used combinations of different mediums including pastel, colored pencil, ink and charcoal blended together in order to create a depth of tonal value and color reminiscent of oil or egg tempera painting.

“Flavors Intertwined” 4×6 Pencil and Watercolor on Paper
“Lonely Leaf” pastel, colored pencil & ink on paper.
“Three Marbles” pastel, colored pencil & chalk on gray paper.
“Midnight Snack” charcoal, pencil & ink on paper.
“Frosted Donut” pastel, colored pencil & ink on paper.
“Santa’s Snack” pastel, charcoal & white chalk on black paper.
“Toy Study”, colored pencil on paper
“Double Trouble”, Charcoal, pastel & colored pencil on paper

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