Portrait Prices

I’d love to bring your idea to life in a compelling and exquisitely-crafted work of art on canvas or paper. The first step in this process is deciding upon a moment or experience that you’d like for me to capture. I will then select from a variety of photos (these could be photos you all ready have, or I could schedule a photo shoot and take my own) and/or sketches.  From this material, I will develop a portrait which tells a unique and engaging story about you or a loved one with a personal touch.


Head & Shoulders  (with this option, the focus is primarily on the face. The background is typically quite simple – often just one solid color. Examples can be found in my gallery)


11 x 14 up to 16 x 20



Half Length (This option can include a specific type of garment or attire. The figure is displayed from their head down to their waste. The positioning of the arms and hands is something else to consider here. If desirable, the figure could also be holding a book, toy or musical instrument in order to add a personal touch)


24 x 30 up to 28 x 34



Three Quarter Length (As with the half length, this option allows for poses which can include arms and hands and possibly other objects. The figure is displayed from their head down to about their mid-thigh)


30 x 36 up to 38 x 48



Full Length (this option gives the most possibilities for interactive poses. Because this includes the entire figure, there is a greater opportunity to create a narrative. Figure(s) can be involved in activities such as dancing, playing, reading, playing an instrument, etc.)


38 x 48 up to 42 x 70



Note:  Extra props or background details are not included in the price list. Additional items will cost extra. Any additions in price will be discussed with the client prior to the development of the artwork. Another option not included within the price list is multiple figures. For each additional figure, one half of the original price will be added on. For example; One head & shoulders = $7,500 + 1 additional head = $3,750 which would make the final price $11,250. Of course with multiple figures, sizes would also need to be adjusted accordingly.

Pricing for Black & White Drawings

(My drawings are done in several styles. I enjoy creating vignettes in pencil or charcoal. I also enjoy exploring hyper realistic effects with mixed mediums on paper. A vignette is often a favorable format in representing children – it is a bit more vague than a detailed rendering. The fading out of edges and less descriptive details portrayed in a vignette is similar to how we perceive our children in memory. Each expression is but a mere flicker in time and before we know it, they are fully grown. When I recreate those momentary expressions, the memory is transformed into a permanent work on paper which lives forever in spirit.)

The pricing specified below is based on standard sizes, however I always like to discuss the specifics with my client before starting any piece. This initial conversation allows me to determine what artistic style, composition, lighting, etc., my customer prefers. The price list is simply a basic outline to give my clients some idea of what to expect.

Sizes:                                             Price:

11 x 14 – 16 x 20                          $150

18 x 24                                          $300

24 x 30                                          $550

28 x 34 or larger                        $650 – $1,000

Pricing for Pastel Paintings

(Pastels are yet another option for those interested in combining elements of both drawing and painting. My pastels are rendered with bold and luminous color through a process of building up layers from light to dark and blending with brushes. Aside from the saturated color, my pastels display a spontaneous quality of line and texture which some say is “painterly”. As with my black & white renderings, I often like to create vignettes with my pastels. Examples can be found in my gallery.)

Sizes:                                         Price:

11 x 14 – 16 x 20                       $500

18 x 24                                       $750

24 x 30                                       $1,200

28 x 34 or larger                     $1,300 – $3,000

Other Subjects (in addition to portraits, I enjoy the process of bringing all different subjects to life with a variety of mediums. A few of my other subjects include pet portraits, still life’s, narrative scenes, wild life scenes, and landscapes. If you have an idea of something specific that you’d like me to capture in a work of art, just give me a call, (609) 203-6270 or send me an email, http://www.riverafinearts@gmail.com. I’d love to discuss your idea.)

How to Pay 

Payments can be made by check or through the secure PayPal account on this site. Typically payments are made in three installments. Once we decide upon the specifics of the artwork, a contract will be written outlining our agreement and the precise payment plan.

http://www.riverafinearts@gmail.com                            609-203-6270

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