Portrait Drawings

My portrait drawings are done with a variety of mediums including charcoal, pencil and black, white and occasionally red chalk on toned paper. The result of each medium produces life-like expressions of my subjects without the complication of color. These tonal renderings can range from a loose sketch which aims to capture my sitter’s character with bold and expressive applications of line and value to a more refined representation where every detail is replicated with exactitude. Pricing is dependent on the level of finish desired and size.

“Evelyn” charcoal & white chalk on toned paper (11 x 14)
“Anna” pencil on toned paper (16 x 20)
“Gerome” pencil on paper (16 x 20)
“Sophia” Charcoal on paper (11 x 14)
“Rebecca” pencil on paper (11 x 14)
“Rebecca’s Gaze” charcoal on paper (11 x 14)
“Jessica” pencil on paper (8×10)
Study of a Woman with Red Hair – black, white & red pastel on cream paper (16 x 20)
Study of a Woman in a Yellow Cloak – black, white & red chalk on warm toned paper (9 x 12)
Colton – pencil on paper (16 x 20)

For more information please see my pricing page or give me a call (609) 203-6270 or email http://www.riverafinearts@gmail.com.

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